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Existing users can continue to request keys and can continue to use our interactive console to test out calls in real-time. Please note that you need to have a valid YouSendIt account to properly test your application utilizing our APIs.

Developer's Guide

YouSendIt provides a reliable and secure solution to send and share files and folders from web, desktop, and mobile applications; and you can incorporate this capability into your application via our API.  You're open to develop applications that allow users to create shared folders and collaborate on projects by sharing documents, creative assets, photos, videos and more.  Get more details from our Developer's Guide.


Usage of the previous Yousendit "V2" API (aka Developer API) is disabled

We've disabled this older API because of known security issues. We enourage you to port your application to the API documented here.

If you have questions please send us an email.


Download the SDK

What you'll get:

  • Library
  • Code Samples
  • Documentation


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Featured integrations
Author, Inc

By integrating YouSendIt into their application, users can quickly and easily publish their own cookbooks faster than it takes to bake a souffle.

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WinZip released ZipSend, an application that allows large files to be sent easily within email. Using our API they were able to build a robust sending service fand gain subscribers quickly.

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